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Image Title Release Date Record Label Stream Audio Buy Audio
Aladdin 01/09/2017 Carl Davis Collection Buy
Lady of the Camellias, The 29/07/2013 Carl Davis Collection
Ballade for Cello and Orchestra 03/09/2012 Carl Davis Collection Buy
Pride and Prejudice 01/04/2011 Carl Davis Collection Buy
World at War, The - Theme 14/12/2010 Centurion Buy
Anne Frank Remembered - Theme 16/11/2010 Carl Davis Collection Buy
World at War, The - Theme 04/10/2010 Carl Davis Collection Buy
On the Beach at Night Alone (Full Version) 01/05/2010 RLPS Buy
Napoléon 01/03/2010 Carl Davis Collection Buy
Christmas Carol, A 26/10/2009 Carl Davis Collection Buy
Cranford 28/09/2009 Carl Davis Collection Buy
Cyrano 01/09/2009 Carl Davis Collection Buy
French Lieutenant's Woman, The 27/04/2009 Naxos Buy
Alice in Wonderland (Ballet) 01/01/2009 Carl Davis Collection Buy
Concerto for Clarinet 01/04/2008 Clarinet Classics Buy
Champions: Theme and Grand National 01/11/2007 Naxos Buy
Aladdin 02/10/2006 Naxos Buy
Floorwalker, The 10/04/2006 Silva Screen Buy
Vagabond, The 10/04/2006 Silva Screen Buy
Count, The 10/04/2006 Silva Screen Buy
Fireman, The 10/04/2006 Silva Screen Buy
Pawn Shop, The 10/04/2006 Silva Screen Buy
Immigrant, The 10/04/2006 Silva Screen Buy
Cure, The 10/04/2006 Silva Screen Buy
Easy Street 10/04/2006 Silva Screen Buy
Adventurer, The 10/04/2006 Silva Screen Buy
Rink, The 10/04/2006 Silva Screen Buy
Behind the Screen 10/04/2006 Silva Screen Buy
One A.M. 10/04/2006 Silva Screen Buy
Speedy 01/02/2006 New Line
Safety Last 01/02/2006 New Line
Floorwalker, The 28/11/2005 BFI Buy
Vagabond, The 28/11/2005 BFI Buy
Count, The 28/11/2005 BFI Buy
Fireman, The 28/11/2005 BFI Buy
Pawn Shop, The 28/11/2005 BFI Buy
One A.M. 28/11/2005 BFI
Three Spirituals 01/07/2005 Sony BMG
Simple Man, A 28/02/2005 Opus Arte/BBC
World at War, The - Theme 17/05/2004 Silva Screen
Immigrant, The 17/11/2003 BFI Buy
Cure, The 17/11/2003 BFI Buy
Easy Street 17/11/2003 BFI Buy
Adventurer, The 17/11/2003 BFI Buy
Rink, The 17/11/2003 BFI Buy
Behind the Screen 17/11/2003 BFI Buy
Tuba Concerto 01/09/2003 Faber Music Buy
Thames Journey 01/09/2003 Faber Music Buy
Four Sketches 01/09/2003 Faber Music Buy
Headbanger (brass band) 01/09/2003 Faber Music Buy
RPM (brass band) 01/09/2003 Faber Music Buy
Peterloo 01/09/2003 Faber Music Buy
Global Variations 01/09/2003 Faber Music Buy
Keystone Kops 01/09/2003 Faber Music Buy
Alchymist's Journal 01/09/2003 Faber Music Buy
Variations on a Polish Beggar's Song 01/10/2001 Planet Media
Far Pavilions - Theme, The 01/10/2001 Planet Media
Scandal - Theme 01/10/2001 Planet Media
Pride and Prejudice Theme 01/10/2001 Planet Media
Anne Frank Remembered - Theme 01/10/2001 Planet Media
Champions Theme 01/10/2001 Planet Media
Eagle of Destiny, The 01/10/2001 Planet Media
Waltz and Garden Scene 01/10/2001 Planet Media
Three Spirituals 30/11/2000 RLPO Live
On the Beach at Night Alone (Reduced Version) 30/11/2000 RLCD 204
Variations on a Polish Beggar's Song 01/06/1997 Tring
Far Pavilions - Theme, The 01/06/1997 Tring
Hollywood Theme 01/06/1997 Tring
Scandal - Theme 01/06/1997 Tring
Pride and Prejudice Theme 01/06/1997 Tring
Anne Frank Remembered - Theme 01/06/1997 Tring
Champions Theme 01/06/1997 Tring
Eagle of Destiny, The 01/06/1997 Tring
Waltz and Garden Scene 01/06/1997 Tring
Simple Man, A 01/05/1996 Exallshow Ltd
Christmas Carol Suite, A 01/11/1995 Naxos Buy
Pride and Prejudice 01/09/1995 EMI
Napoléon 11/03/1994 Silva Screen
Trial, The 01/10/1993 Milan
Theme from A Year in Provence 01/05/1993 Silva Screen Buy
Most Wonderful Birthday of All, The 09/11/1992 Pickwick
Duck's Diary, A 01/10/1990 First Night Buy
Town Fox, The 01/10/1990 First Night Buy
Pigeon's Progress, The 01/01/1990 First Night Buy
Philharmonic Fanfare 01/01/1988 Virgin Classics Buy
Andante from String Sextet in B flat Op 18 01/01/1988 Virgin Classics Buy
Paul McCartney's Liverpool Oratorio EMI Classics Buy
World You're Coming Into, The EMI Classics Buy

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