Colin Matthews

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Image Title Release Date Record Label Stream Audio Buy Audio
Violin Concerto 24/06/2016 NMC Buy
Cortège 24/06/2016 NMC Buy
Concerto for Cello No 2 24/06/2016 NMC Buy
Movements for a Clarinet Concerto 15/02/2016 Chandos
Three of a kind 16/03/2015 NMC Buy
Horn Quintet 16/03/2015 NMC Buy
Aftertones 13/10/2014 Hallé Buy
Crossing the Alps 13/10/2014 Hallé Buy
No Man's Land 13/10/2014 Hallé Buy
"Nicht zu schnell" from Piano Quartet 01/01/2011 RCO Buy
Brouillards 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Ce qu'a vu le vent d'ouest 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Minstrels 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Canope 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l'air du soir 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
La puerta del vino 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Général Lavine - l'eccentrique 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Feuilles mortes 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Les tierces alternées 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
La danse de Puck 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Le vent dans la plaine 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
La fille aux cheveux de lin 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Danseuses de Delphes 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
La Sérénade interrompue 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Des pas sur la neige 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Les fées sont d'exquises danseuses 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Voiles 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Hommage à S. Pickwick Esq. P.P.M.P.C 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Bruyères 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Ondine 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Les collines d'Anacapri 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Feux d'artifice 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
La cathédrale engloutie 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Postlude - Monsieur Croche 01/07/2010 Hallé Buy
Scherzetto 19/04/2010 NMC Buy
Movements for a Clarinet Concerto 06/10/2009 NMC Buy
60 Second Waltz 03/07/2009 Cadenza Music Buy
Old Bells 03/07/2009 Cadenza Music Buy
Galiarda 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
Fin like a Flower 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
Lucretius 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
Destroying Beauty 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
Plover's Peak 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
Ah! Sun-flower 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
Out in the dark 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
Stendhal's Observation 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
Alphabicycle Order 01/10/2008 Hallé Buy
Horn Concerto 01/10/2008 Hallé Buy
Planets, The 01/10/2008 Helios Buy
Pluto, the renewer 01/10/2008 Helios Buy
Turning Point 26/08/2008 RCO Buy
Divertimento 14/07/2008 NMC Buy
Oboe Quartet No 1 14/07/2008 NMC Buy
Triptych 14/07/2008 NMC Buy
Five Concertinos 14/07/2008 NMC Buy
String Quartet No.2 14/07/2008 NMC Buy
Five Studies 01/12/2007 UHRecordings Buy

40 results found - currently displaying 1 - 15.

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