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Image Title Release Date Record Label Stream Audio Buy Audio
Angels, The 01/01/2018
Chant 25/05/2016 Winter and Winter Buy
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis 20/04/2016 Signum Buy
Toccata 20/04/2016 Signum Buy
Come, Holy Ghost 20/04/2016 Signum Buy
Praise Ye the Lord 20/04/2016 Signum Buy
Missa Brevis 20/04/2016 Signum Buy
Royal Banners Forward Go, The 20/04/2016 Signum Buy
Annunciation, The 20/04/2016 Signum Buy
Chant 19/02/2016 La Dolce Volta Buy
Sringara Chaconne 27/11/2015 Wergo Buy
Body Mandala 01/09/2014
Little Duo 04/12/2013 NMC Buy
Speakings 01/09/2012
Wagner Dream 17/03/2012 Cypres Buy
Ricercare una melodia (oboe) 24/10/2011 NMC Buy
Ricercare una melodia (cello) 24/10/2011 NMC Buy
Bird Concerto with Pianosong 24/10/2011 NMC Buy
Other Presences 24/10/2011 NMC Buy
Angels, The 01/04/2011 Hyperion Buy
Ashes Dance Back 01/04/2011 Hyperion Buy
Summer Cloud's Awakening, The 01/04/2011 Hyperion Buy
Marahi 01/04/2011 Hyperion Buy
Flight Elegy 23/03/2011 Stradivari Buy
Nataraja 23/03/2011 Stradivari Buy
Riot, The 23/03/2011 Stradivari Buy
Tombeau de Messiaen 23/03/2011 Stradivari Buy
Vers 23/03/2011 Stradivari Buy
Run Before Lightning 23/03/2011 Stradivari Buy
Haiku 23/03/2011 Stradivari Buy
Speakings 01/04/2010 AEON Buy
Nataraja 26/05/2009 NEOS Buy
Tombeau de Messiaen 26/05/2009 NEOS Buy
ff 26/05/2009 NEOS Buy
Homage to Cage, … Chopin (und Ligeti ist auch dabei) 26/05/2009 NEOS Buy
Vers 26/05/2009 NEOS Buy
Run Before Lightning 26/05/2009 NEOS Buy
Galiarda 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
Fin like a Flower 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
Lucretius 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
Destroying Beauty 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
Plover's Peak 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
Ah! Sun-flower 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
Out in the dark 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
Stendhal's Observation 30/03/2009 NMC Buy
String Quartet No 1 01/02/2009 AEON Buy
String Quartet No 2 01/02/2009 AEON Buy
String Quartet No 3 01/02/2009 AEON Buy
String Quartet No 4 01/02/2009 AEON Buy
String Trio 01/02/2009 AEON Buy
Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco 01/01/2009 Digital Surround Sound
Chu 01/01/2009 Nocturne (ED 13229)
Body Mandala 07/04/2008 NMC Buy
Timepieces 04/04/2008 NMC Buy
White as Jasmine 04/04/2008 NMC Buy
Tranquil Abiding 04/04/2008 NMC Buy
...towards a pure land 04/04/2008 NMC Buy
Ricercare una melodia (flute) 01/12/2007 Die Schachtel Zeit 01
Chu 01/12/2007 Nocturne
How could the soul not take flight 01/01/2007 Soupir Editions
Angels, The 01/01/2007 Soupir Editions Buy
Dum transisset sabbatum 01/01/2007 Soupir Editions
Missa Brevis 01/01/2007 Soupir Editions
Marahi 01/01/2007 Soupir Editions
sweet/winterhart 01/01/2007 Soupir Editions
Missa Brevis 01/07/2006 Hyperion Buy
Angels, The 14/11/2005 EMI Classics Buy
Birthday of thy King, The 14/11/2005 EMI Classics Buy
Spring in Winter 14/11/2005 EMI Classics Buy
Fayrfax Carol, The 14/11/2005 EMI Classics Buy
Come, Holy Ghost 01/05/2005 Harmonia Mundi
Curve with Plateaux 01/12/2004 Megadisc
Lullaby for the Unsleeping 01/12/2004 Halcyon Buy
Advaya 01/12/2004 Megadisc Buy
Royal Banners Forward Go, The 09/11/2004 St John's College Records
Passion and Resurrection 10/06/2004 Sargasso Buy
Come, Holy Ghost 01/05/2004 Guild
Come, Holy Ghost 03/10/2003 Guild Buy
Come, Holy Ghost 16/10/2002 Erato Buy
Valley of Aosta 01/07/2002 Sargasso Buy
Nachtlied 01/07/2002 Sargasso Buy
Riot, The 01/07/2002 Sargasso Buy
Imaginings 01/07/2002 Sargasso Buy
Mythic Figures 01/07/2002 Sargasso Buy
Curve with Plateaux 01/01/2002 Assai Buy
Flight Elegy 01/01/2002 ATMA Classique Buy
Three Sketches 01/01/2002 Assai Buy
Tombeau de Messiaen 01/01/2002 ATMA Classique Buy
Ricercare una melodia (cello) 01/01/2002 Assai
Chant 01/01/2002 Assai Buy
Advaya 01/01/2002 Assai Buy
Advaya 01/01/2002 ATMA Classique Buy
Vers 01/01/2002 ATMA Classique Buy
God is Our Refuge 01/08/2001 Guild
Thou Mastering Me God 01/08/2001 Guild
Ricercare una Melodia (trumpet) 01/06/2001 Cypres
Ricercare una melodia (oboe) 01/06/2001 Cypres
Tombeau de Messiaen 01/06/2001 Cypres Buy
Advaya 01/06/2001 Cypres Buy
Death of Light, Light of Death 01/06/2001 Cypres Buy
Wheel of Emptiness 01/06/2001 Cypres Buy
Come, Holy Ghost 13/09/2000 Ecce
Come, Holy Ghost 20/07/2000 Regis
Madonna of Winter and Spring 01/06/2000 Nimbus Buy
Song Offerings 01/06/2000 Nimbus Buy
Concerto for Percussion 01/06/2000 Nimbus Buy
Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco 01/03/2000 Sargasso Buy
Ritual Melodies 01/03/2000 Sargasso Buy
Tombeau de Messiaen 01/03/2000 Sargasso Buy
One Evening... 01/06/1999 Ades/IRCAM/EIC Buy
Death of Light, Light of Death 01/06/1999 Ades/IRCAM/EIC Buy
ff 03/01/1999 NMC Buy
Somewhere near Cluj 03/01/1999 NMC Buy
Haiku 03/01/1999 NMC Buy
Sufi Dance 01/09/1998 Bridge Buy
Come, Holy Ghost 01/04/1998 Kevin Mayhew Ltd
Lauds 01/01/1998
Past Hymns 01/01/1998
Fantasia 01/04/1997 Nimbus Buy
Come, Holy Ghost 01/11/1996 Usk
God is Our Refuge 01/09/1996 Priory Buy
Imaginings 28/05/1996 Chill Out
Bhakti 01/04/1996 Auvidis Montaigne Buy
String Quartet No 2 01/10/1995 Auvidis
Lotuses 01/10/1995 Auvidis Buy
Scena 01/10/1995 Auvidis Buy
Forms of Emptiness 01/04/1995 ASV Buy
Lauds 01/04/1995 ASV Buy
Come, Holy Ghost 01/04/1995 ASV Buy
O Jesu Nomen Dulce 01/04/1995 ASV Buy
Angels, The 01/04/1995 ASV Buy
Bhakti 01/02/1994 NMC Buy
Come, Holy Ghost 01/01/1993 Redbridge
Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco 01/11/1992 Unknown Public
Serenade 01/04/1992 EMI Classics
From Silence 01/03/1992 Bridge Buy
Nataraja 01/03/1992 Bridge Buy
Ritual Melodies 01/03/1992 Bridge Buy
Come, Holy Ghost 01/11/1991 Conifer
Come, Holy Ghost 01/11/1991 Conifer
Come, Holy Ghost 01/06/1991 Hyperion Buy
Come, Holy Ghost 01/11/1990 Alpha
Song Offerings 01/08/1989 Nimbus Buy
Bhakti 01/01/1989 NMC Buy
Concerto for Cello Warner Fonit Buy
Valley of Aosta Ricercar
Come, Holy Ghost Libra
Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco EMI
Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco Erato
Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco Wergo Buy
Nataraja NEOS
Ricercare una melodia (flute)
Advaya Ades/IRCAM/EIC Buy
Sufi Dance JJVCD
...towards a pure land BBC Music

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