Oliver Knussen

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Image Title Release Date Record Label Stream Audio Buy Audio
Horn Concerto 02/03/2018 RCO
Cantata 11/08/2017 Harmonia Mundi Buy
Prayer Bell Sketch 24/02/2017 Cybele
Farewell, A 24/02/2017 Cybele
Variations 16/02/2015 Avie Buy
Choral 15/10/2012 NMC Buy
Autumnal 15/10/2012 NMC Buy
Whitman Settings 15/10/2012 NMC Buy
Secret Psalm 15/10/2012 NMC Buy
Prayer Bell Sketch 15/10/2012 NMC Buy
Violin Concerto 15/10/2012 NMC Buy
Requiem 15/10/2012 NMC Buy
Ophelia's Last Dance 15/10/2012 NMC Buy
Ophelia's Last Dance 15/11/2010 Myrios Classics Buy
Symphony No.3 20/10/2008 GOlive Buy
Violin Concerto 22/10/2007 Deutsche Grammophon
Flourish with Fireworks 01/10/2003 Deutsche Grammophon Buy
Way to Castle Yonder, The 01/10/2003 Deutsche Grammophon Buy
Two Organa 01/10/2003 Deutsche Grammophon Buy
Horn Concerto 01/10/2003 Deutsche Grammophon Buy
Music for a Puppet Court 01/10/2003 Deutsche Grammophon Buy
Whitman Settings (orchestral) 01/10/2003 Deutsche Grammophon Buy
...upon one note 01/10/2003 Deutsche Grammophon Buy
Flourish with Fireworks 01/06/2002 Sony
Songs without Voices 01/01/2002 EMI Classics
Whitman Settings 01/01/2002 EMI Classics
Hums and Songs of Winnie-the-Pooh 01/01/2002 EMI Classics
Variations 01/01/2002 EMI Classics
Four Late Poems and an Epigram of Rainer Maria Rilke 01/01/2002 EMI Classics
Sonya's Lullaby 01/01/2002 EMI Classics
Océan de Terre 01/01/2002 EMI Classics
Higglety Pigglety Pop! 21/05/2001 Deutsche Grammophon
Where the Wild Things Are 21/05/2001 Deutsche Grammophon
Prayer Bell Sketch 01/06/2000 Koch International Classics Buy
Flourish with Fireworks 01/10/1996 EMI Classics Buy
Variations 01/03/1996 RCA Victor Gold Seal Buy

26 results found - currently displaying 1 - 15.

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