Peter Sculthorpe

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Image Title Release Date Record Label Stream Audio Buy Audio
Djilile 23/03/2007 ABC Classics
Night Song 23/03/2007 ABC Classics Buy
From Irkanda III 20/11/2006 Verso
Mountains 20/11/2006 Verso
From Saibai 20/11/2006 Verso
Night Pieces 20/11/2006 Verso
Djilile 20/11/2006 Verso
Little Passacaglia 20/11/2006 Verso
Sometimes When I'm Dreaming 20/11/2006 Verso
Irkanda I 20/11/2006 Verso
Four Little Pieces 20/11/2006 Verso
Night Song 20/11/2006 Verso
Requiem 18/11/2006 ABC Classics Buy
My Country Childhood 18/11/2006 ABC Classics Buy
Earth Cry (abridged version) 18/11/2006 ABC Classics Buy
Great Sandy Island 18/11/2006 ABC Classics Buy
New Norcia 18/11/2006 ABC Classics Buy
Quamby 18/11/2006 ABC Classics Buy
Sydney Singing 01/11/2006 Four Winds Records
Jabiru Dreaming 01/09/2006 Four Winds Records
Sydney Singing 01/09/2006 Four Winds Records
Australian Anthem, An 01/09/2006 Four Winds Records
String Quartet No. 14 01/09/2006 Four Winds Records
Koori Dreaming 01/07/2006 Campion Cameo
Angels, The 14/11/2005 EMI Classics Buy
Birthday of thy King, The 14/11/2005 EMI Classics Buy
Spring in Winter 14/11/2005 EMI Classics Buy
Fayrfax Carol, The 14/11/2005 EMI Classics Buy
Cello Dreaming 01/09/2005 ABC Classics
Quamby 01/09/2005 ABC Classics
Nourlangie 01/09/2005 ABC Classics
Music for Bali 01/09/2005 ABC Classics
String Quartet No. 9 01/03/2005 Tall Poppies
Earth Cry 29/11/2004 Naxos Buy
Memento Mori 29/11/2004 Naxos Buy
Piano Concerto 29/11/2004 Naxos Buy
From Oceania 29/11/2004 Naxos Buy
Kakadu 29/11/2004 Naxos Buy
Small Town 01/09/2004 ABC Classics
Piano Concerto No.1 01/09/2004 ABC Classics
Earth Cry 21/05/2004 ABC Classics Buy
Mangrove 21/05/2004 ABC Classics Buy
Kakadu 21/05/2004 ABC Classics Buy
From Ubirr 21/05/2004 ABC Classics Buy
Songs of Sea and Sky 21/05/2004 ABC Classics Buy
From High Hills 01/02/2004 ABC Classics Buy
Irkanda I 14/04/2003 Chandos Buy
Irkanda IV 14/04/2003 Chandos Buy
Lament for cello and strings 14/04/2003 Chandos Buy
Second Sonata for Strings 14/04/2003 Chandos Buy
Cello Dreaming 14/04/2003 Chandos Buy
Djilile 14/04/2003 Chandos Buy

99 results found - currently displaying 17 - 30.

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