Lang Lang Piano Academy

The Lang Lang Piano Academy is a partnership venture between Faber Music and superstar pianist Lang Lang, launched in September 2014. It encompasses a range of resources – printed books and digital products - for pianists of all levels, from beginners to advanced players, through which Lang Lang shares his passion for the piano.
Generally regarded as the world’s most successful concert pianist, Lang Lang’s extraordinary talent and charisma has inspired millions to take up the piano. In China alone, ‘the Lang Lang effect’ is credited with encouraging over 40 million children to learn the piano.
“The piano is my passion. Through the Lang Lang Piano Academy I hope to inspire today's kids to explore the piano and celebrate the wonderful world of music. There are no short cuts to learning the piano and playing it well, but the journey along the way should be imaginative and rewarding as well as challenging.” Lang Lang, 2014
The Lang Lang Piano Academy currently comprises of: mastering the piano – a five-book series and app for iPad on piano technique that captures Lang Lang’s passion, drive and extraordinary mastery of the piano; and The Lang Lang Piano Method – five progressive books with online audio that provide a unique and imaginative way for complete beginners to learn the piano with Lang Lang.
The Lang Lang Piano Method is the next step in the Lang Lang Piano Academy, providing a unique and imaginative way for complete beginners to learn the piano.  Lang Lang’s experience and expertise are distilled throughout the books, encouraging performance skills and self-expression right from the start.
A cartoon Lang Lang brings the books and his own voice to life, taking young pianists step by step through each section. The books develop the right and left hands equally, enabling children to play concert pieces early on in the learning process and establishing good dexterity. Musicianship is developed through theory pages and listening to Lang Lang playing piano classics for children.
I’ve written The Lang Lang Piano Method to inspire today’s kids with my passion for the piano. Learning an instrument can be a really important part of a child’s development and a great way to improve many things like concentration and focus.  Learning needs to be enjoyable as well and I’m sure kids will make good progress and be inspired to keep going with this series.” Lang Lang
MASTERING THE PIANO (First published September 2014)
Mastering the piano was the first series of books launched in the Lang Lang Piano Academy. Comprising five progressive books, mastering the piano captures Lang Lang’s passion, drive and extraordinary mastery of the piano. Each book gives students the chance to learn from this exceptional talent who has impressed the world, through 8 units that develop key aspects of piano technique.
"I’ve created the mastering the piano series with my partner Faber Music to get today’s kids really enthused about playing the piano: to inspire them to perform with love, energy and commitment. This series captures my own passion for piano playing and shares my artistic values and technical insights with the next generation of pianists.
There are no shortcuts to becoming a pianist: good playing can only be achieved through good work. These books set out to give players the advice, resources and the desire to reach this goal. I explore key aspects of piano technique and offer advice and suggestions on the challenges encountered. The books are not tutors. Pick and choose what you would like to focus on depending on your own individual needs and tackle the units in an order that suits you.
To me, the piano is like a musical world – it takes me to a place beyond reality. You, too, will find that it extends your mind, heart, creativity and communication skills. You don’t need a concert hall; you don’t need a big grand piano: any piano is enough – and the world will be yours to embrace." Lang Lang 
Pioneered by Faber Music and powered by Tido, mastering the piano with Lang Lang App for iOS iPad is an inspired approach to learning piano technique for the developing pianist.
Created to encourage the next generation of piano players, the App runs in parallel with the mastering the piano series, and explores key piano techniques over five levels through interactive sheet music, practice tools, exclusive content, musical context, video tutorials and recordings.
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