Bellowhead: The Songbook


A collection of songs by the award-winning Bellowhead, beautifully presented and available for the first time in print from Faber Music.

Bellowhead: The Songbook is a collection of fifteen of the biggest and best songs from multiple award-winning folk collective, Bellowhead. The songbook spans the remarkable first ten years of Bellowhead with songs carefully selected by the band (and, uniquely, by their fans, who were asked to vote for their favourite songs to be included). Specially arranged for piano, voice and guitar, this collector’s edition is packed with stunning photos and artwork, biogs, song facts and the history of the band compiled by the band members themselves, and is a must-have for any Bellowhead or folk music fan.

“It has been a real pleasure and joy to work on this unique collaboration between Bellowhead and Faber Music. I trust and hope our fans will love the outcome – a beautiful record of Bellowhead’s first 10 years together. ” 
Paul Sartin, consultant editor/Bellowhead band member

About Bellowhead

"...a brilliant riot of sound."
The Sun

" of the most exciting live bands in Britain."
The Telegraph

"English Folk has never seen or heard anything like Bellowhead at full’s both rare & exhilarating to hear aband having so much fun."
Q Magazine


The story of Bellowhead began in 2004 when a disparate group of characters who initially knew one another from informal pub sessions thought it might be a good wheeze to pool their widely varied backgrounds, influences and talents and form a big band… just to see what happened. Even they couldn’t have imagined the results as their funny little enterprise -incorporating jazz, world, folk and classical musicians in a swathe of brass, strings, squeezebox, percussion and anything else that seemed like a good idea at the time - swiftly expanded into a gung-ho 11-piece line-up. Four albums, a glut of awards, sell-out tours and a long trail of thunderous festival appearances down the line, they’ve transported folk music into hitherto unknown territory, introducing a whole new audience to it with them. “The greatest live act in Britain,” says BBC Radio 2’s Simon Mayo. “One of the best live bands in the UK…or anywhere,” says Jeremy Vine. And the hordes of dancing fans grinning and singing along and treating every gig as a party clearly agree.

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