A different string to my bow?

Through the castle window Flute & Harp COVER.jpg
From my earliest pieces in College days, I’ve enjoyed writing for the flute, so when a flautist friend got married recently, I felt inspired to compose a waltz for her. She’s Welsh, so what sprang straight into my head was the sound world of flute and harp. One of her wedding photographs inspired the title, Through the castle window.
Later, several flute teachers asked if I could arrange this piece for a different combination. Hmm. I had that flute/harp sound so firmly in my head, nothing else would really work. Then I had a naughty idea. (Harp teachers look away now...) Once, when I had my arm in plaster for a few weeks, I used an electronic keyboard to play duet lines with pupils. We had a lot of fun with weird and wonderful sounds but a popular setting was ‘Harp’. So I made this flute and keyboard version of Through the castle window. No notes have been changed, but with a little re-jig it lies more easily under the hands. 
If you are looking for a more advanced chamber music item to include flute and viola, a few years ago I was commissioned to write this trio, At the edge of time.  The third part is for xylophone but - percussion teachers look away now - I’m sure I remember a xylo setting on that keyboard…