‘Ad Marginem’ (At the margin) – a viola concerto about ‘mass culture’

‘Ad Marginem’ (At the margin) – a viola concerto about ‘mass culture’ Francisco Coll has found much affinity recently with the concerto genre – his piano concertino No Serè yo quien diga nada and trombone concerto Tapias display a striking interpretation of the form – and so it was with relish that he undertook a commission from the London Sinfonietta to write a new viola concerto for the ensemble’s renowned viola player, Paul Silverthorne. This work, like many of his other recent pieces, displays a fascination with ‘current society’, as Coll explains:

As I did before with my piano concertino, I tried now with Ad Marginem, to express again my social concerns and obsessions through the sonic medium. I find a kind of parallelism between the individual versus the mass and the soloist versus the ensemble. Ad Marginem, “At the margin”, is the vestige of a concertant-piece for viola and ensemble, in which the viola functions as a leader of a mass culture rather than an individual.’

The 15-minute piece (for viola and 12 players) will be premiered on 8 December at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, as part of the London Sinfonietta's New Music Show series

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