Aftertones' reviews

‘… the score … seemed to bid fare for a place within a hallowed British tradition.  It is the vision of a beloved landscape blasted by association with the field of France that gives an original slant of the poems chosen by Matthews, and gives the significantly titled Aftertones its interestingly different perspective from the War Requiem.’
The Sunday Times (Paul Driver), 28 May 2000
‘… vivid, striking and cast in an accessible, harmonically consistent idiom.  The jewel of this triptych is the middle movement with its translucent orchestration and echoes of Tippett and Purcell.’
Yorkshire Post (Robert Cockroft), 22 May 2000
‘Matthews is the sort of contemporary composer who, while embracing many features of today’s musical language, is still able to communicate directly to his audience … From the powerful opening threnody, via the Mahlerian ‘Interlude’ for string and harp to the ravishing simplicity of the closing bars for unaccompanied chorus, the work abounds with arresting touches (Matthews’ orchestration is especially vivid).’
Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Adrian Smith), 22 May 2000

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