Australian Premieres on the Great Barrier Reef

Australian Premieres on the Great Barrier Reef

A host of Faber works will be performed at the 2005 Australian Festival of Chamber Music in Townsville, Queensland, from 25 June.

Didjeribluegrass, a new 8-minute work for didjeridu and string quartet by Matthew Hindson, will be premiered as part of the Festival’s outback-based Southern Tour, and is to be performed by the virtuoso talents of William Barton, together with the Fyra String Quartet. The work receives 6 performances on the short tour (25-27 June) in a number of unusual and disparate venues before being presented in Townsville itself on 4 July.

Elsewhere in the main body of the festival, Barton joins the Goldner Quartet on 1 July to give the world premiere of a new version for didjeridu and quartet of Peter Sculthorpe's String Quartet No. 14. On 4 July Barton, the Fyra Quartet and others premiere another Sculthorpe work, a new version of his Songs of Sea and Sky, together with a performance of the composer’s reworked version of his Third Sonata for Strings. Then mezzo-soprano Kirsti Harms joins the Goldner Quartet to perform Sculthorpe’s rhapsodic String Quartet No. 13 (Island Dreaming) on 9 July.

Carl Vine's String Quartet No. 3 (recently published in its string orchestra version, Smith's Alchemy) is also heard at the festival, when the ubiquitous Goldner Quartet present it on 6 July.

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