Britten 100 - Mahogany Opera Church Parables tour

Britten 100 - Mahogany Opera Church Parables tour The opportunity to hear Britten’s three Church Parables – Curlew River, The Burning Fiery Furnace and The Prodigal Son – in three successive performances is normally a rare one, but this summer Mahogany Opera will present fully staged productions of each Parable in Russia, Aldeburgh, London and Buxton:
• 4 June Hermitage Theatre, St Petersburg
• 5-8 June St Ekaterina’s, St Petersburg
• 16-19 June Orford Church, Aldeburgh Festival
• 3-6 July Southwark Cathedral, City of London Festival
• 14-15 July St John the Baptist Church, Buxton Festival

In each case the Parables will be performed as a triptych over two evenings; Curlew River on the opening evening, The Prodigal Son in the late afternoon of the next day, culminating in The Burning Fiery Furnace in the later evening. The works have never been performed in this way, and Mahogany Opera hope to ‘take the audience on a profound journey through these intense and powerful works.’  Director Frederic Wake-Walker, will join Musical Director Roger Vignoles and the Aurora Orchestra.

Scores and libretti are available to purchase on our website:
Curlew River - full score, libretto
The Burning Fiery Furnace - full score, libretto
The Prodigal Son - full score, libretto