'Catch' reviews

“His music is arrestingly original… The theatrical element is written into the piece: a pianist, a cellist and a violinist, seated on stage, fend off the attempts of a wandering clarinettist to join them … All the efforts are repelled, until the work’s wistful yet quizzical ending … He has an engaging voice and audacious imagination.”
The New York Times (Anthony Tommasini), 27 February 1999

“… the essence of the music is not technical difficulty, but a sense of unbuttoned fun with sinister undertow… the glittering cascade of notes tossed from instrument to instrument and the sumptuous melody stitched between them inhabit a world where every texture
seems freshly minted.”
The Guardian (Andrew Clements), 22 February 1999

“ … a one-off tour de force … these pieces were musical mouse-traps: intricate mechanisms, eccentric but very carefully determined, which in due course sprang the traps that were their point. Very clever exercises, and original; the fine-spun detail answers perfectly to his guiding intentions … he is evidently a special talent.”
Financial Times (David Murray), 26 July 1994

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