'Chamber Symphony' reviews

“… Adès’ own wonderful concoction, his Chamber Symphony, a work that reveals all his own extraordinary Ivesian or Schnittkeesque gifts for weaving parody and mimicry, subliminal echoes and ingenious borrowings, into a voice that is uniquely and fabulously his own. Chamber Symphony remains one of his best works…”
The Independent (Roderic Dunnett), 21 October 1998

“Adès’ Chamber Symphony contains much to wonder at - the infallible ear for colour, the apparently effortless command of structure, the sly, teasing melodic invention.”
The Guardian (Andrew Clements), 21 October 1998

“One highlight … was the Chamber Symphony of newcomer Thomas Adès. A complicated percussion phrase ran through the centre like a repeating melody, creating rhythmic interplay as the other instruments stepped in. The texture was quite sparse but the sounds glided, looped and bubbled in a shapely, fluid continuum.”
The Independent (Meredith Oakes), 28 July 1993

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