'Concerto Conciso' reviews

“a tour de force, a vertiginious ride through a wild, wonderful musical landscape.”
The Guardian (Andrew Clements), 1 November 1997

“…dense with original ideas, often rumbustious in improvisational low-jazzy style, and yet tautly shaped and organised… this ‘pendant’ has the depth of a first-water gem…This clever, formidably resourceful piece crowned - or ‘capped’, at least: it has no grandiose airs - what was anyway a terrific programme, reflecting Adès’ fastidious taste.”
Financial Times (David Murray), 30 October 1997

“Though only 26, he has an old-world ability to create an audience buzz of excitement about the new in music… he has already explored keyboard texture and sonority with bristling insight; in the Concerto Conciso, given its London premiere at the weekend, he combines those strengths with the clarity and punch he demonstrated in These Premises are Alarmed… It is a pithy work, and one of formidable rhythmic complexity… The drama of Concerto Conciso is intense, its whirlwind impact galvanising.”
The Daily Telegraph (Geoffrey Norris), 18 November 1997

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