'Concerto for Cello No 2' reviews

‘The ghosts of Mahler and Britten haunt the orchestral colouring: a halo of high violin sound surrounds the opening statement from the cello; the harp sets off the exquisitely beautiful first ‘Song without Text’; menacing muted horns and growling trombones invade the Scherzo.  Only in the rumbustious central movement is the full orchestra given its head, freed, by and large, from the restraint of accompanying.’
The Independent (Annette Morreau), 20 September 1996
‘The tone is often austere, quietly tense.  The cello opens by struggling against immovable string chords and funeral tam-tam beats, and is only pitted against the full orchestra in a brief pounding scherzo.  The Songs are a drawing of breath, moments of respite for the soloist to gather his forces.  Emotional release comes only in the finale when the soloist’s hectoring line goads the strings into producing a lyrical, ecstatic melody.’
The Guardian (Tim Ashley), 19 September 1996

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