'Continuum' reviews

‘Much of the setting is displayed against a lush instrumental backdrop full of incident and interest, with ghosts of French impressionism floating in the wings.  The result is that the work is eminently approachable, for all the obscure imagery of the poems.’
The Daily Telegraph (Matthew Rye), 12 October 2000
‘… a remarkable new work … The opening stanzas of Montale’s Crisalide elicit music of extraordinary subtlety from Matthews, their rich and recondite imagery reflected in a languorous, exquisitely crafted canvas … Later, syncopations create a marvelous dragging effect and the scoring becomes ever more dazzling as the work proceeds to its close.”
The Times (Barry Millington), 16 October 2000
‘… a fecund vision of musical continuity.  The work’s structure is striking.  Two settings of poems by Montale, and two epigrams by Rilke, are disrupted and fused by instrumental sections in a continuous, 40-minute span … Matthews creates a kaleidoscope of skirling rhythmic impetus … an apparently definitive performance, balancing the beauty and expressiveness of Matthews’s soundworld.’
The Guardian (Tom Service), 12 October 2000
‘… it matches the scale of a symphony or cantata, yet resembles neither … Matthews can handle grandeur and intimacy with equal skill.’
The Observer (Fiona Maddocks), 15 October 2000

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