Faber Music Acquires Hillborg Back Catalogue

Anders Hillborg (c) Mats Lundqvist.jpg

Following the signing of an exclusive world-wide publishing agreement with Anders Hillborg in November 2015, Faber Music is delighted to announce the acquisition of the majority of his back catalogue, formerly published by Edition Peters.
This includes all the works featured on the recently released, Swedish Grammy award-winning BIS record (SirensBeast SamplerCold Heat and O dessa ögon), as well as the many other works which have become established in the repertoires of orchestras and performing groups around the world.  The complete list of works published by Faber Music can be viewed online here.

Whilst we are in the process of the hand-over of materials, please direct all enquiries about his music to:
promotion@fabermusic.com      0044 (0)20 79 08 53 11
In due course our overseas agents will be dealing with hire orders in the normal way. Specific orders for hire materials should now be addressed to: 
hire@fabermusic.com                0044 (0)12 79 82 89 07


Faber Music is also pleased to announce the publication of Hillborg’s Mouyayoum for 16-part mixed choir.

Composed in the mid 80s, this mesmerising choral tour de force is his most performed work, and has been widely recorded. A study in ever-shifting tone colours, Mouyayoum draws its inspiration from overtone singing, creating an intricate and luminous tapestry of sound across it's 13-minute span.

The new edition (ISBN 0-571-56886-X) will be available from the Faber Music Store later this month.