'Flourish with Fireworks' reviews

'… a wild, daring yet totally assured lighting of the blue touchpaper…'
The Times (Hilary Finch), 4 November 2001


'… a four-minute masterpiece of orchestral colour, as brilliant as anything in the repertoire …'
The Guardian (Tom Service) 4 November 2001

'… there are even some reminiscences of Feu d’Artifice [Stravinsky]  in Knussen’s riotous, five-minute score.  But these are subsumed into an orchestral texture that surpasses even Stravinsky in its luminous detail.'
The Guardian (Tom Service), 25 June 2002

'How well Knussen’s own Flourish with Fireworks picks up on the Stravinsky colours, while retaining its own poise and structure.'
The Independent (Annette Morreau), 27 June 2002 

'… explosive and delicate … a four minute deconstruction and reconstruction of Stravinsky’s early orchestral piece Fireworks…'
The Boston Phoenix (Lloyd Schwartz), 22 January 1999 

'… bustling and brilliant …'
Boston Herald (Ellen Pfeifer), 16 January 1999

'It’s occasional, intricate, teeming with layered ideas, fun, and festive.'
The Boston Globe (Richard Dyer), 16 January 1999 

'Within the jumping crackers of percussion and the rockets of poly-rhythms are embedded cunning musical variations on the initials of the London Symphony Orchestra and Michael Tilson Thomas for whom this sparkler of an opener was written.'
The Times (Hilary Finch), 16 June 1998

'… a Stravinskyan romp in which the tumult of the instrumental flourishes created more busyness than light.'
The New York Times (Eddward Rothstein), 6 March 1993

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