Gabriel Prokofiev Signs to Faber Music

As part of our innovative new area, Music for Now, we are delighted to announce a new publishing relationship with the UK composer Gabriel Prokofiev whose cutting-edge Concerto for Turntables & Orchestra is now available from us.

Born in London in 1975, Prokofiev is a London-based composer, producer, and founder of the NONCLASSICAL record label and club night.  He has produced Dance, Electro & Hip-hop music under a variety of different guises.  In 2003 he returned to his classical roots composing his critically acclaimed String Quartet No 1 for the Elysian Quartet (“defies comparison” Daily Telegraph) which he released on NONCLASSICAL, complete with Remixes of the original Quartet.  What gives his contemporary classical writing its unique edge is his background in dance music combined with his classical roots.

His other compositions include a String Quartet No 2, a collection of piano pieces for Russian virtuoso GeNIA, as well as the groundbreaking Concerto for Turntables & Orchestra.  It was premiered by DJ Yoda and the Heritage Orchestra at The Scala in Kings Cross (London), and performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra with Beni G, in Glasgow.  It was released on the NONCLASSICAL label in November 2009 and won Best Contemporary Classical Album of 2009 at the Independent Music Awards.

Other recent works include (IMPORT/EXPORT) for percussionist Joby Burgess''s group PowerPlant, and a piece for solo violin and solo dancer for Rambert Dance Company.  Prokofiev made his conducting debut with his concerto for 'dancing' viola, string orchestra, trombones & percussion, in Amsterdam in 2008, and in March 2009, his NONCLASSICAL club made its debut in New York and at the Rock festival SXSW to great critical response (see

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