'Hidden Variables' reviews

'… cast in a kind of variations form … because the variations overlap, however, Matthews is able to vary the momentum by the discrete and gradual introduction of patches of tinkling minimalism.  The quick tempo is sustained but, confined to the repetitive rhythmic figuration and static harmonies of these passages, progress is effectively halted until it is abruptly set in motion again.  Difficult though it must be to achieve such an amalgam of styles, Matthews does it here with much wit and imagination …”
The Guardian (Gerald Larner), 15 May 1989
'… a set of variations predominantly fast in tempo, and bound together by insistent rhythmic pulses, around which he weaves diaphanous webs of string and wind arpeggios.  He makes brilliant contrasting use of the two brass instruments, brooding sonorously here, erupting explosively there.  Piano and harp supply a glittering patina of sound, particularly in the passages where the composer ‘lapses’ into minimalist major keys … the effect is enthralling …'
The Guardian (Hugh Canning), 26 June 1989

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