'Hymn reviews'

'Music of highly charged spiritual ecstasy...'
The Birmingham Post (Barrie Grayson), 16 July 1979

'Harvey's choral writing is bold and grateful to sing; the progression of its argument is clearly set out.'
Financial Times (Andrew Clements) 18 July 1979

'Jonathan Harvey's Hymn, written for the 900th celebrations of Winchester Cathedral, like the other works in the programme, Bruckner's E minor Mass and Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms, sounded marvellous in the cathedral ambience. Harvey is a natural harmonist. His system, if it is a system, included everything from simplest hymn book progression to strange and unanalysable clusters... The variations of speed and density in this rich score are calculated for broad as well as for detailed effects.'
The Guardian (Hugo Cole) 16 July 1979

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