'In Seven Days' reviews

‘a piano concerto with moving image’
‘Musically the work, a retelling of the Genesis story of creation, marks a startling departure.  The edgy, often ironic vitality of earlier scores has relaxed into a new fluidity and lyricism.’
The Observer (Fiona Maddocks), 29 April 2008 

‘the music was just as dazzling as the visuals, and was its own kind of novel imagery…Ades solo writing are more demanding than Tippett’s…the actual sounds are transparent and instantly telling.  One left the hall lost in a kaleidoscope of colour, touched by an exquisitely decorative experience.’
The Sunday Times (Paul Driver) 4 May 2008 

‘Not that the piece works to persuade the audience of anything more than to pay attention to its rich array of sounds and imagery.  Swept up from the tohu-bohu of unruly waves, the audience is duffeted by the composer’s rich reverberations and the videographer’s eyepopping visuals, uncertain whether the aural propels the visual or vice versa, And therein lies the piece’s power, and the audience’s uncanny feeling of participating in the act of creation.’
The Jewish Daily Forward (Tom L. Freudenheim), 7 January 2011

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