Jonny Greenwood's 'Norwegian Wood Suite' to premiere at BBC Proms

Jonny Greenwood's 'Norwegian Wood Suite' to premiere at BBC Proms
Jonny Greenwood is becoming one of the most sought-after film composers of our time.  Acclaim was heaped on his award-winning score for There Will Be Blood, and he's attracted similar praise for his music for Tran Anh Hung's Norwegian Wood:
'Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead has written a stunner of a soundtrack... Without having yet seen the movie, this is one of the most intelligent scores to show on screen in recent years.'
Norman Lebrecht
'Jonny Greenwood has created perhaps the most challenging and exciting film music of the past few years for Tran Anh Hung’s Japanese film Norwegian Wood . Switching between searing orchestral passages (taken from Doghouse , his Krzysztof Penderecki-inspired BBC commission), elegiac sonatas for string quartet and plucked solo guitar ballads, Greenwood combines warm tone clusters, bright colours and short melodic lines into a score of remarkable visceral power and emotional force, at once lyrical and plaintive. Norwegian Wood is the best kind of score. It succeeds as a complete music composition and redefines what is possible in film music.'
Irish Times (Jocelyn Clarke)
Now there's to be an orchestral suite from Norwegian Wood, to be launched at the BBC Proms on 12 August, by Keith Lockhart and the BBC Concert Orchestra.