Junior Spotlight: Christmas Musicals From Faber

Junior Spotlight: Christmas Musicals From Faber

If you are looking for a change this Christmas why not browse Faber Music's collection of Christmas musicals?

Nativity Nightmares, by Sheila Wilson, is the latest addition to this relatively new selection of school cantatas from Faber Music.
Teachers will instantly recognise the themes in this humorous Key Stage 2 Musical as the drama of the annual school Nativity play, quite literally, unravels. Sheila Wilson is a highly successful composer of musicals for this age range best known for her publications with Golden Apple and Redhead Music. The catchy songs and humorous lyrics will be a joy to perform. This musical is ideal for teachers looking for a new angle for this year’s end of term production.

Alternatively, Pam Wedgwood's Minibeast Christmas is an ideal way to tie in cross curriculum activities. Based on the Key Stage 1 Minibeast project this cantata tells the Christmas story from the perspective of Bernard the bee, a real estate agent, and all of his minibeast friends as they, along with Mary and Joseph, struggle to find somewhere warm and safe to settle down. Pam Wedgwood's inimitable style never fails to motivate children to involve themselves and with plenty of scope for actions or movement this is certain to be a hit with parents as they get into the festive spirit.

Different again, you could try out A Christmas Cobweb yet another take on the Christmas story telling the tale of a spider who ends up playing an unexpected role in the lives of Mary, Joseph and Jesus as they make their way out of Bethlehem. As the family find themselves chased by Roman soldiers the spider weaves a web across the entrance to the cave they are hiding in, to protect them from being found. Once again Pam's songs will prove a hit with the children, the lyrics are accessible and fun and this lovely story is sure to be a hit all round.

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