Knussen's 'Wild Things' in Europe

Knussen's 'Wild Things' in Europe

Oliver Knussen's first Sendak opera, Where The Wild Things Are, is enjoying a revival of late. The Italian premiere took place last year and now new productions are set to open in Sweden, Belgium, Germany and Canada.

The Swedish premiere will be given by Norrlands Operan from 24 September to 29 October in Umea. There will be 36 performances in all.

Whilst the opera was premiered in Brussels, it has yet to be heard in the east of Belgium. The opportuninty now comes courtesy of Opéra Royal de Wallonie in Liège. Their run of four performances commences on 22 November.

In Germany, Theater Hagen stage performances from 17 September whilst a Canadian production by Touring Players Theatre opens in November and runs until June 2006.

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