Laura Rossi's live scores to iconic WWI films to be presented as part of Somme Centenary


We are delighted to announce a new publishing agreement with UK composer, Laura Rossi, in respect of her orchestral scores to two iconic World War I films, The Battle of the Somme, and The Battle of the Ancre, both now available for live performance (with restored film prints available from the Imperial War Museum).

The films are stunning documentaries, comprising archive footage from these campaigns.  They were originally screened in cinemas as part of the war effort only weeks after filming.  It is estimated that over half the population of the UK (20 million at the time) watched The Battle of the Somme (a figure not matched until the release of Star Wars in 1977).

Both films will be toured throughout 2016, across the UK and overseas, as part of the Somme100 FILM project, with professional and amateur orchestras performing the score live, marking the 100th anniversary of the battles.  If your orchestra is interested in staging the project, or would like to see perusal materials, do drop us a line.  There's more information on our online flyer.  Pre-concert talks about the film and music can be built into your presentation, forming part of an integrated music education project with music hubs and schoolchildren across the UK.  Visit for more details.

Scores of both works can viewed complete at our online Score Library.