'Life Story' reviews

“Thomas Adès sets Tennessee Williams’ chronicle of pillow talk during a one-night stand to music that curls and stings like cigarette smoke.”
Newsday (Justin Davidson), 12 January 1999

“…the sexy, high-attitude Life Story … is about getting to know a stranger you’ve just had sex with…it shows how effortlessly Adès crosses boundaries between serious and vernacular music that others have found unbridgeable. It’s enough to leave you eager for more.”
USA Today (David Patrick Stearns), 24 July 1997

“ … a deft setting of Tennessee Williams’ reflections on post-coital pillow chat … for the unlikely but effective combination of two bass clarinets, double-bass, and a soprano recommended to take the late Billie Holiday as her model … ‘Vehement and exhausted’ is his expression mark. But the handling is light, cunning and relaxed.”
The Observer (Andrew Porter), January 1994

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