'Nachtlied' reviews

'One of Britain's most distinguished practitioners of electroacoustic music… his Nachtlied uses piano and tape, initially with great subtlety, to cloak the soprano "wanderer's nightsong" in a mysterious atmosphere. Here Jane Manning, the work's dedicatee, achieves effortless vocal colouring… The Riot, an apt anagram of the Het Trio for which it was written, appears to occupy double its eight-minute length for the richness of its material and its vigorous material.'
The Observer (Edward Bhesania), 1 September 2002

'… one was struck by the music's passion, compassion and imagination: the chamber music interaction of the "live" and electronic performers was compelling, and the electronic elements seemed both expressive and necessary.'
The Boston Globe (Richard Dyer) 10 August 1988

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