New Publications from Paul Harris

New Publications from Paul Harris

Faber Music launches Paul Harris’s latest collections of piano duets, Improve Your Sight-Reading! Piano Duets Grades 0-1 and Improve Your Sight-Reading! Piano Duets Grades 2-3.

Richard King, CEO of Faber Music Ltd, says: “I have had the privilege of working with Paul Harris for nearly 25 years, and have never ceased to be amazed by his insights, his passion for the subject of music teaching, and his gifts as a composer. His dedication to the nurturing of young players and his tireless work towards a world where inspirational teaching is the norm are absolute.” Improve Your Sight-Reading! Piano Duets (available in two volumes for Grades 0-1 and Grades 2-3) are the latest example of Paul’s outstanding and inventive contribution to music education.

Published in the year in which Paul Harris’s Faber Music worldwide sales will pass the 2,500,000 mark, the release of these newest books comes by popular demand following the success of the Improve Your Sight-Reading! series. This best-selling series is designed to overcome all the problems associated with sight-reading, especially in the context of graded exams, strengthening Paul’s reputation as one of the UK’s leading educationalists and also as a gifted composer who writes appealing music for players of all abilities and ages.

In the first sight-reading duet books published by Faber Music, pupils have the chance to play alongside others, experiencing a fun break from solo sight-reading practice in the lead up to graded exams whilst developing key techniques and skills. The collections come complete with associated questions devised to aid the preparation and performance of each piece, tried and tested in Paul’s own teaching career.

The easily accessible second parts allow teachers or parents to accompany the pupil and are also ideal for siblings and fellow pupils to play together, each developing a strong sense of rhythm and ensemble playing skills with the encouragement of another player to help them to continue playing despite mistakes.

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For more information on Paul Harris, including workshops and inset days, head to his Faber Music composer profile where you can download his workshop information pack.