Mary Cohen: Norse News!

1st Baldr rehearsal.jpg

Just got back from Sweden, where I worked alongside the conducting team at the first 'tutti' rehearsals of my big new piece - The legend of Baldr - written for Narrator plus a combined orchestra of pupils from Nacka musikskola, Värmdö kulturskola, and Länsmusiken Stockholm. 

It was very satisfying seeing everyone really getting into the piece and enjoying the Norse Legend story line. (One of the teachers said it was the perfect music drama experience for the current generation who like video games!)  Even at this very early stage in getting to know the piece, there were some moments when the young players produced the exact atmospheric sound worlds I had imagined. Magical! (The result of excellent long-term teaching, of course). 
Thanks to all the teachers, pupils and helpers who made it such a great day! Looking forward to the concert in a few weeks’ time.