'One Foot in Eden Still, I Stand' reviews

'… a lyrical and artful structure, full of contrasting texture and dynamic and typically rich harmony.'
The Times (Stephen Pettitt), March 1993

'Full of beautiful, elegiac cadences … a miniature masterpiece that should be in the repertoire of every adventurous choir.'
The Times (Richard Morrinson), 5 October 2002

Why so little, and so under-performed?  These are the questions begged by this overdue survey of Maw’s choral music, covering a 32 year span.  Regenerative and Romantic, his music aches for a tonality lost that Britten, Vaughan Williams and Berkeley also felt keenly.  “Ringleted youth of my love”, “Swete Jesu”, “One foot in Eden still I stand”: these should be amongst the set pieces of English choral music, and I’d be delighted if this disc nudged them nearer this position … More Maw, say I.'
BBC Music Magazine (William Whitehead), June 2007

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