‘Postcards’ are ‘mini-masterpieces’

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Suckling’s Postcards (previously named Short Stories) – a series of miniatures composed for the Scottish Ensemble – were performed as a complete set for the first time in October. Each ‘story’ on its own has been warmly received, but as a set, the stories shine even brighter. They are scored for strings (
‘…a superb rendition of Suckling’s four Short Stories - sublimely conceived mini-masterpieces whose dense yet somehow delicate, fragile construction was painstakingly rendered with marvellously sustained intensity.’
The Herald Scotland (Martin Kershaw), 24 October 2013
‘…the gossamer delicacies of Suckling’s luminescent sound world, and a style that flows with liquid ease between tonal comfort and microtonal exploration. There was a genuine affinity between this alluring music and the players.’
The Scotsman (Kenneth Walton), 24 October 2013