Premiere recording of Jessica Curry's 'She Who' released by National Youth Choir

NMC DL201907.jpg
Now out on the NMC label is the premiere recording of Jessica Curry's 2019 choral work, She Who.
Commissioned and premiered as part of the PRS Foundation's New Music Biennial 2019, the 15-minute composition was premiered by the National Youth Chamber Choir of Great Britain in Nottingham, London, Hull and Bath in the summer of 2019.
It takes two texts written by American feminist poet Judy Grahn and fuses them into a compelling and innovative choral work. The piece is written at a time where women are questioning the world they have been told to accept, reconsidering history and community, and celebrating the power of the female. Simultaneously, young people’s voices are emerging as the most powerful, positive force for change in global politics. She Who begins as a fraught conversation between men and women, and blossoms into a celebration of the diverse, beautiful, collective voice.
'The video games composer Jessica Curry addressed female power in She Who, a radiant, catchy work for the National Youth Chamber Choir.'
The Guardian (Fiona Maddocks), 13 July 2019