September Workshops with Paul Harris

September is a very busy month for Paul Harris with a number of workshops planned at venues across the country. For more information on Paul's workshops and to book one yourself, click here.


September 3rd (AM)  
Derbyshire Music Service
Simultaneous Learning

September 3rd (PM) 
Downe House, Newbury
The Virtuoso Teacher

September 4th
Warwick School
The Virtuoso Teacher

September 5th
Uppingham School
The Virtuoso Teacher
September 7th
Warwick Music Service
Maximising pupil progress from beginner onwards. Stretching, motivating and retaining high level pupils
September 14th
Surrey Arts
The Virtuoso Teacher and Simultaneous Learning

September 18th

Sherbourne Girls School
Challenging ideas of what a lesson should be about...

September 19th
The Art of the Playing as a Musician: practice makes the heart grow warmer!
September 22nd/23rd
ABRSM Conference, Birmingham
Simultaneous Practice