'Spring Music' reviews

'A bright and boldly - contoured curtain raiser.'
The Times (Hilary Finch),5 August 1985

'… burgeons throughout with lyrical vitality.'
The Guardian (Meirion Bowen), 19 August 1985

'Nicholas Maw's Spring Music rippled and shimmered with emerging new life: a piece well - named.'
The New York Times (Bernard Holland), 13 July 1993

'… an unbelievably colourful, astonishingly well - orchestrated partita full of blossoming, richly dimensional chords and vocal pastoral melodies, as well as rhythmic exaltation … This superbly accessible and unquestionably appealing work deserves to become established in international concert repertory.'
Wiener Zeitung (F Baumgartner), 16 April 1991

'With its rich textures bubbling with activity, not unlike Janácek thrilling at nature's evergreen renewal, the piece seeks to put into music ‘the energy and beauty of spring’.  It is an approachable example of the music of the 1980s, deserving of a re - hearing.'
Financial Times (Richard Fairman), 22 April 1993

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