'String Quartet No 13 (Island Dreaming)' reviews

‘… from beginning to end a near-wordless rhapsody on the morning star and the waking of the day.  The drifting voice, full of mezzo colour above a hypnotic web of instrumental pattern, conveyed a mood of quietly natural ecstasy.  At one point, an episode of trios and duets between singer, viola and cello offered a reflective pause for thought.  Yet the flow remained seamless, painting a continuum of experience to be enjoyed, without thought, through the senses and the feelings.'
The Independent (UK) (Nicholas Williams), 10 December 1996 

‘Aboriginal in inspiration and language, with low, dark vocalise and finely imagined string writing, drawing out a rapt, 12-minute marine song line.’
The Times (UK) (Hilary Finch), 11 December 1996

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