Tanglewood stages Knussen opera

Tanglewood stages Knussen opera
The Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music is celebrating 70 years in 2010, and the seven decades of great composers who have led and taken a major role in its composition program.  Knussen was enrolled this year as one of the three living composers who have chaired the composition activities. One of the Festival highlights was a performance of Knussen’s Where the Wild Things Are.
‘You did not have to search for things to love about Mr. Knussen’s Where the Wild Things Are.  Every bar is vividly drawn and full of energy.’
The New York Times (Allan Kozinn), 17 August 2010

‘… the music is wonderfully evocative, conjuring up the Wild Things’ rumbles and screeches as a chorus of the imaginary beasts wordlessly howls and growls in the background.’
The Berkshire Eagle