The Foundation Pianist – a technical and musical foundation for post-beginners


Leading educationalists Karen Marshall and David Blackwell present a brand new piano course, The Foundation Pianist – a set of two books that aims to help students to advance and develop in the post-beginner stages of their musical education.

Following the success of The Intermediate Pianist, Faber Music’s new series The Foundation Pianist within the Piano Trainer series is specifically designed for post-Grade 1 and 2 level students who are looking to develop a technical and musical foundation, before progressing to the intermediate stages of their playing.

The Foundation Pianist goes one step further in its exploration of piano technique, as it provides an invaluable insight into the world of classical music and beyond. This allows the students to grow into well-rounded musicians, as well as establishing and improving their technical skills.

The series covers a variety of elements ranging from daily exercises and sight-reading, to a selection of carefully chosen repertoire and stimulating elements of time travel. As a result, students gain a greater understanding of style and period in addition to acquiring a solid grounding in music theory.

“Our aim is to help develop a generation of pianists who understand basic piano technique and the musical time periods of the pieces they are playing. We hope you enjoy the journey and the music making within these pages.”
Karen Marshall and David Blackwell

“A concentrated treasure house of material that will empower and inspire fledgling pianists. The books are presented clearly and logically, and progress with a feeling of fun, inspiration and a sense of adventure.”
Murray McLachlan, Chair of EPTA UK and Head of Keyboard, Chethams School of Music


The Foundation Pianist is available to buy now.
Book 1 | ISBN: 0571540015 | Price: £7.99
Book 2 | ISBN: 057154066X | Price: £7.99