The inspiration behind The Comedy Of Change

'...The piece is inspired by Darwin's observation of nature as a moving force, ambiavalent and fluctuating - a concept well-suited to music and dance.

Describing himself as an armchair ornithologist, Anderson says he became fascinated by Darwin's observation of how birds indulge in ornate creations that do not alway sreflect the purpose for which they were intended...The idea of evolution 'pushed me towards gradual change [as a determing factor in the music].  I started with one chord - a sonority that, when you hear it, will be three-dimensional.  I worked a lot on it, to get a depth of sound.  There are very low notes on bass clarinet and harp, and very high string harmonics, the combination of which leads to a strange sort of resonance.''
The Financial Times (Andrew Clark), 22 August 2009

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