The brand new survival guide for piano teachers

Teaching piano can be one of the most rewarding professions, but at times it can also be confusing, frustrating and daunting. The Piano Teacher’s Survival Guide by Anthony Williams is a brand new resource that tackles universal issues and common frustrations faced by piano teachers and pianists. 
From preparing for the very first lesson to mastering fiendish fingering and performance anxiety, Williams' guide helps teachers nurture and support students at every level and develop a love of the piano. With musical communication at its heart, The Piano Teacher’s Survival Guide aims to improve and develop teaching skills and piano technique through in-depth technical advice, alternative teaching strategies and clinics at the end of each section. 
Concert pianist, writer, lecturer, ABRSM examiner and adjudicator, Anthony Williams is first and foremost a passionate educator of pianistic musicianship at all levels from beginner to advanced. He frequently gives master classes on performance, repertoire ad the art of teaching in the UK and abroad, and is Head of Keyboard at Radley College. 
The Piano Teacher's Survival Guide is available to buy now.
ISBN: 0-571-53964-5   |   Price: £12.99