Thomas Adès Debut with Concertgebouw Orchestra

Thomas Adès Debut with Concertgebouw Orchestra
The focus on Thomas Adès in the Holland Festival this year, culminated in his debut with the Concertgebouw Orchestra, on 17th June, and featured three of his own works: Polaris (2010), Tevot (2007), Violin Concerto"Concentric Paths" (2005). What better introduction to the multi-faceted talent of one of the world’s foremost composer/conductors?
‘As a conductor, Ades demonstrates that his music is refined but never sounds complicated: a master conductor of his own masterpieces’
(Jochem Valkenburg, NRC, 18 June 2011)
The enthusiastic audience agreed, and as ever Adès’ music brought in a significant proportion of young people.

‘... the combination of him [Adès] and the passionate playing of the orchestra made for an extremely exciting evening… The applause included some enthusiastic cheers. The Concertgebouw had connected with the youth.’
(Bela Luttmer, Volkskrant, 21 June 2011)
The three works have already received high profile performances from the likes of the LA Philharmonic, Berlin Philharmonic, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of Europe, but as one critic rightly highlighted, these are pieces destined to last and become much-loved orchestral fare:
‘This was one of those concerts that make the listener, or at least me, glad to be alive and very grateful to having been there. Thomas Adès is rightly considered one of the most talented composers of our age, and it will surprise (and mostly disappoint) me if all three of these works do not become part of the standard orchestral repertoire.’
(Renée Reitsma,, 19 June 2011)