Bluebeard - or Barbe-bleue


  • Jacques Offenbach
operetta in three acts
Music by Jacques Offenbach, adapted and arranged by Graham Ripley. New Libretto and Lyrics by Brian Anderson
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First Performance
5.2.1866, Théâtre des Variétés, Paris, France
Published by Warner/Chappell.  Administered for hire and stage rights worldwide (excluding North America) by Faber Music Ltd 
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The Story
(Fairy-tale gothic)
Blue beard is a powerful nobleman, lives in a mighty castle and has already done away with five wives. He orders his right hand man, Popolani, to dispose of Boulotte, his latest wife, because he wants to marry Princess Marie. It has only recently been made known to Marie that she is of royal blood. As a shepherdess, she met and fell in love with a shepherd named Bruno. When Bruno reveals that he is really a Prince, Marie’s parents, King Bobeche and Queen Hortense, give him permission to marry their daughter. Baron Bluebeard hears of this and surrounds the King’s palace with troops. The Prince, after challenging Bluebeard to a duel, is apparently killed. Marie is about to agree to become Bluebeard’s wife when Boulotte, a regular country wench unafraid of any man, returns; Popolani has only pretended to do away with her. She confronts Bluebeard with his previous wives in front of the whole court. Filled with remorse, Bluebeard is reconciled to Boulotte. The King, who thinks Count Oscar has executed on his orders the Queen’s ex-lovers is astonished when they make their appearance. They too have been in hiding and soon find partners among the ex-wives of Bluebeard. Then Princess Marie discovers happiness at last for she finds that Prince Bruno has not been killed but merely stunned. 
Principal Characters (plus Chorus) 
Princess Marie
Prince Bruno
King Bobeche
Queen Hortense
Count Oscar
Five wives 
Principal Musical Numbers 
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