Wark Producing Corporation (1916) Director: D. W. Griffiths
Silent Film
3(I+II=picc+recorder.III=picc+afl).3(II=bob.III=ca).3(II=Ebcl.III=bcl).2.cbsn - 4.3(III=flhn).3.1 - timp -perc(3): 2 susp.cym/BD+cym/mil drum/glsp/vib/2 SD/xyl/TD/cup.cym/2 tamb/anvil/crot/tabor/sistrum/bell plate/ gong/mark chimes/tgl/finger.cym/siz.cym/ drums/ch.cym/3 cyms/tom-t/flexatone/darabuka/frame drum/t.bells/3 tam-t - banjo(=gtr) - pno(=cel) -organ(=pno+cel) - harp - strings (min
Other Contributors
Colin and David Matthews Orchestrations
Commissioned by Thames Television
First Performance
1986, Leeds

Full score and parts for hire

Programme Notes
Starring: Constance Talmadge, Mae Marsh, Robert Harron and Lillian Gish Director: D.W. Griffith Production Company: Wark Producing Corporation USA, 1916 Duration: 167 minutes Film Print: colour print reproducing the original tints and tones available from Photoplay Productions (Film Speed: 16-18 frames per second) Recorded for Video Premiere with Davis's score: 1986, Leeds 61 Players: 3(I+II=picc+recorder.III=picc+afl).3(II=bob.III=ca). 3(II=Ebcl.III=bcl).2.cbsn - 4.3(III=flhn).3.l - timp - perc(3) -harp - banjo(=gtr) - pno(=cel) - organ(=pno+cel) - strings (mm D.W Griffith's revolutionary shooting and editing techniques, Coupled with its epic plot, have made Intolerance one of the most extraordinary and influential films ever made. Four stories with a shared theme of intolerance are inter-cut: the destruction of Babylon, the massacre of the Huguenots, the crucifixion of Jesus and a contemporary (191 5) story of social injustice involving the last-minute rescue of a boy from the gallows. The set of Beishazzar's Palace was one of the most spectacular ever seen on film. Davis draws on a large orchestra for the musical delineation of each narrative. The modern story mainly uses a small theatre orchestra, the Renaissance episode adds recorder and guitar, the biblical story has elements of Baroque style, and the music for Babylon is lush and exotic. All the episodes are underpinned by a chorale theme representing intolerance.

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