by Tansy Davies

large singing orchestra or large orchestra and chorus
Children's, Chorus with Orchestra/Large Ensemble, Full Orchestra
Sumer is Icumen In / Anon. - words speculated to be by W. de Wycombe, mid 13th century Tallis Canon / Thomas Ken - c.1674 (Eng)
2 picc.2.2.2 ca.2.2 ebcl.2 bcl.2.2 cbsn - 4.3.3.btrbn.1 - timp (2) - perc(4): I: 2 tgl (large, small)/whip/3 susp.cym (small, medium, large)/sistrum/snare drum/siz.cym/2 roto-toms (large, small)/finger cyms (pair) II: finger cyms/glass chimes/5 t.bells (low F#, A, B)/BD/hi-hat/thunder sheet (large) III: glsp/5 IV: cyms (small, medium, large)/bass t.bells (low F#, A, B)/BD/mar/bongos/finger cyms - 2 harp - strings

Commissioned by the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain

First Performance
6.8.15, Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape, Suffolk, UK: National Youth Orchestra

Full score, choral score and parts for hire

Programme Notes

Re-greening loosely follows a cycle, a Shamanic Wheel of the Year; a system with an ancient, nature-based mythology. Endless refrains, woven out of intricate, inter-connecting segments combine to form a kind of musical forest. Much of the surface music is playful, yet punctuated by explosions of new growth, rising from below, in a celebration of Spring. Bursts of sound often announce new permutations of colour and texture; like a parade of windows, framing the cycles of forest life. Made from found material; two old English melodies can be heard in their original form, drifting through the work as if on a gentle breeze. Tansy Davies

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