opera in three acts
Frank McGuinness after Sophocles
3(II=picc & fl tuned ¼-tone flat, III=picc & afl).3(III=ca).3(II=cl tuned ¼-tone flat, III=bcl).bcl(=cl).cbcl.3(III=cbsn) - 4.3(I=optional flhn, III=optional tpt in D).3.1 - perc(5): I: glsp/crot (shared with II)/2 miniature wdbl/2 tgl (high, medium)/large ratchet/mcas (small)/finger.cym (pair - very high)/bell tree/cast/SD II: 2 medium wdbl/2 sus.cym (medium, large)/mcas (medium)/finger.cym (pair - high)/toy drum/BD (large) III: 2 large wdbl/mcas (large)/finger.cym (pair - medium)/tom-tom (large, struck with sticks and with a leather strap)/2 tam-t (medium and large with clash cymbal plate) IV: t.bells/2 very large wdbl/2 vibraslaps (medium, low)/whip/large ocean drum/tom-tom (very large, struck with sticks and with a leather strap) V: mar/hand bells (chromatic set with internal clappers removed, suspended from a rack and struck from the outside with tuned percussion beaters)/2 gueros (large, very large)/hyoshigi (Japanese Kabuki clappers)/anvil (low)/large rainstick/large cym - harp - pno/synth - strings
9 Singers: Antigone (S)/Jocasta (M)/Oedipus (Bar)/Creon (T)/Polynices (Bar)/Tiresias (B)/Messenger/King Theseus (CT)/Stranger from Corinth/Haemon/Stranger (T)/Shepherd (Bar) Chorus of citizens of Thebes

Commissioned by English National Opera with support from The Boltini Trust, PRS for Music Foundation and ENO’s Contemporary Opera Group

First Performance
3.5.2014, Coliseum, London, UK: English National Opera/Edward Gardner

Libretto 0-571-53710-3 on sale, vocal score, full score and parts for hire

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