pno – vlc(=scordatura vlc)


score and part in preparation

Programme Notes

Seven sonorities, twenty threads, nine cycles.
Taking some initial formal inspiration from the fragile webs of the orb-weaver spider, twenty-one threads of music are woven and rewoven in chords and plaited lines through nine spiraling cycles. Both piano and cello are approached as objects to be traversed like landscapes. Making this piece allowed a quiet turning over and knitting-together of sound-threads in my mind throughout the day.
The manner of weaving is constantly evolving: presentations – for example, shifts in tempo or presence – change quickly and sometimes mid-course, as if resolving a new image in the eye, or as if skipping between glimpses of different continuously existing surfaces. In the final section, the now familiar piano sonorities are almost stillstanding.


Amphithéâtre de la Cité de la musique (Paris, France)

Ensemble Intercontemporain, Renaud Déjardin, Hideki Nagano

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