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Title Year Description Duration Composer
Little Orpheus2020video game soundtrack57Jessica Curry, Jim Fowler
Oliver Twist2018Jackie Coogan Productions (1922) Director: Frank Lloyd74Neil Brand
Little Moscow2018film scoreValgeir Sigurðsson
High Sign, The2017Joseph M. Schenck Productions (1921) Directors: Eddie Cline, Buster Keaton20Carl Davis
So Let Us Melt2017video game soundtrack for SATB chorus and chamber orchestra60Jessica Curry
You're Darn Tootin'2017Hal Roach (1928) Director: E.Livingstone Kennedy20Neil Brand
Lodger, The2017Gainsborough Pictures (1927) Director: Alfred Hitchcock90Neil Brand
Dear Esther Live2016live version of the 2012 video game soundtrack - for voice, piano, string quartet and electronics45Jessica Curry
La La Land (in concert)2016live film presentation for SATB chorus and orchestra130Justin Hurwitz
Robin Hood2016Douglas Fairbanks Pictures (1922) Director: Allan Dwan127Neil Brand
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture2015video game soundtrack - SATB chorus and chamber orchestra65Jessica Curry
Finding the Pattern2015solo soprano, solo violin, piano and small orchestra with electronics4Jessica Curry
For Ever2015unaccompanied SATB chorusJessica Curry
All of My Birds2015solo soprano, SATB chorus and small orchestraJessica Curry
Choice, A2015solo clarinet and SATB chorus2Jessica Curry
I am not Afraid2015SA chorus, piano, harp and string orchestraJessica Curry
Liquid Light2015solo soprano and small orchestraJessica Curry
Disappearing2015solo soprano, solo violin, piano, SATB chorus and small orchestra5Jessica Curry
Seventh Whistler, The2015small orchestra2Jessica Curry
Fragmenting, The2015SA chorus, harp and stringsJessica Curry
Pattern Calls Out, The2015solo soprano, solo violin, piano and small orchestra3Jessica Curry
These Silent Numbers2015SATB chorus and small orchestraJessica Curry
I Hope You Find Peace2015small orchestra2Jessica Curry
Slipping Away2015SA chorus, piano, harp and string quartet2Jessica Curry