Anna Meredith's brand-new project 'Anno' is set to launch at the Spitalfields Festival on 6 and 7 June.
Combining her own newly-commissioned music, extracts from Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' and video installations by her sister, Eleanor Meredith, the 60-minute immersive work for live string orchestra and electronics promises to be a highlight of the festival. 
Anno will be premiered by the Scottish Ensemble under their Artistic Director Jonathan Morton and will be given 4 performances over the 2 days, in London's Oval Space.
'Stepping into a dark, transformed world, the audience will experience a year in an hour, surrounded by musicians and projections as a circle of powerful sound and light merges, collides, intersplices and cocoons.  The result will be one continuous, hour-long, live experience for the ears and the eyes.'
Exclusive footage from the rehearsals here.

A short glimpse of Anno... (Scottish Ensemble, Anna Meredith and Eleanor Meredith) from Scottish Ensemble on Vimeo.