Faber Music launches Paul Harris’s highly anticipated ‘Simultaneous Learning: The definitive guide’

Paul Harris is one of the UK’s most respected music teachers and educationalists, with over 600 publications to his name. The publication of Simultaneous Learning is a culmination of years of research and thinking and marks a transformative point in both Paul’s career and in music teaching literature.
In Simultaneous Learning: The definitive guide Paul lays out an entirely positive and imaginative way of teaching, embracing the principle that all elements of music are connected. This book dispels the idea that learning music is ‘difficult’. Through his method, every hurdle and stage of the learning process is broken down to make it achievable. Delving into how we learn, Paul explains how Simultaneous Learning can be used in all areas of learning through its logical approach. As a result, each component ‘will be completed with virtually total success’ and can be accomplished by any learner. 
I found myself circling things as I read this book – so many simple but powerful truths – but then I came to the realisation that I might as well circle everything! This book will transform the way that you teach.” 
George Bevan, Director of Music, Monkton Combe School
Talking about Simultaneous Learning, Paul Harris said:
I have been developing the concept of Simultaneous Learning for some years now and have spoken about it to teachers across the globe.  It is always received with enthusiasm and fascination.  It’s more than a method of teaching – in many ways it’s a way of life! 
My new book explains the process in a very approachable way and describes how easy it is to become a Simultaneous Learning teacher and put frustration completely behind us forever.
Throughout the book, Paul Harris outlines the complete philosophy of his ground-breaking approach.  He examines topics such as:
The myth of ‘difficult’
The first lesson on a new piece
How to structure a lesson
Making the transition to Simultaneous Learning. 
I have had the privilege of working with Paul Harris for over 25 years, and have never ceased to be amazed by his insights and his passion for the subject of music teaching. His dedication to the nurturing of young players and his tireless work towards a world where inspirational teaching is the norm are absolute.”
Richard King, CEO, Faber Music Ltd
About Paul Harris
Paul Harris is one of the UK’s most respected music teachers and educationalists. He has over 600 publications to his name including the highly-acclaimed Improve your sight-reading!Improve your scales! and The Virtuoso Teacher. Paul writes frequently on music education for many national and international publications and is in great demand as a workshop and seminar leader around the world. Paul is also an examiner and adjudicator and is frequently asked to take part in national events including the Chamber Music for Schools Competition, Music for Youth, the BBC Young Musician of the Year and he is a regular judge for Classic FM’s teacher of the year.
Also recently published by Paul Harris
You Can Read Music
This innovative book demystifies the process of learning to read music, based on the principles of his highly successful Simultaneous Learning approach. Complete with audio CD, this is a practical workbook for anyone who has ever wanted to read music notation. Ideal for those new to reading music, students learning to sing or play an instrument and classroom teachers and choral singers wanting to improve their skills. By the end of this book you will be able to read and understand music notation - you don’t even need a musical instrument.
Upcoming publications from Paul Harris
Improve your piano grade 1-3
This revolutionary new series presents the Simultaneous Learning approach to teaching the ABRSM piano syllabus. Every piece is looked at in detail: the crucial ‘ingredients’ are listed and a series of activities and ideas outlined for different stages: pre-notation work, introducing the notation and playing and refining the piece. Because all aspects of musical training are connected through the Simultaneous Learning approach, the activities also improve every aspect of exam preparation. Aural, sight-reading, theory and scale and arpeggio practice will be transformed and pupils’ overall understanding of music greatly enhanced.
Improve Your Theory Grades 1-5
Covering all the requirements for ABRSM theory exams, these workbooks are firmly rooted in Harris’s Simultaneous Learning approach. Learning theory has never been so much fun or seemed so natural! Seamlessly linking theory to pupils’ own pieces and utilising aural and compositional skills, these books will transform how theory is learnt and improve every aspect of musicianship.
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